Xcel Comp X 3/2 Wetsuit

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The Xcel Comp X wetsuit features 3mm thickness body and legs with 2mm sleeves, it is one of the warmest summer thickness wetsuits we have ever tried. It can be used earlier and later in the season reducing the need for the thicker winter suit.

The Comp X is in our opinion is the 'go to' wetsuit in the Xcel range. Featuring the ultimate unrestrictive stretch of the Channel Flex outer lining, combined with the exclusive Celliant inner lining, this wetsuit won the prestigious SIMA award for the Wetsuit of the year in 2017. The low pile Celliant lining gives the benefit of increased blood circulation without the extra weight produced by high pile polypro linings. Celliant has been approved by the American FDA as 'Temporarily promoting increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals' This improves energy and warmth.

The Xcel Comp X wetsuit also features fully fusion taped internal seams and a one piece double lined front and back panel for durability, a semi dry chest zip with a magnetic zip lock.