Surftech Tuflite-PC Robert August What I Ride 9'0 Surfboard

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We have always reckoned that if you fed the dimensions of all the longboards in the world into a computer and pressed the average button..the 'What I Ride' would come out. Robert August, one of the original Endless Summer movie stars, as the name suggests, rides this model himself. It feature a teardrop shaped concave under the nose, into a soft roll into a vee tail. With soft 60/40 turned down rails the board is very forgiving and easy to handle. A very versatile all rounder.

2+1 fin boxes (fins not inc)


Tuflite construction is a moulded fused cell EPS core, wood veneer, high quality E-glass, and Epoxy resin making a strong and light board with optimal flex characteristics with the natural wood fibers and EPS core. The Tuflite utilizes a T-Stringer for added break strength, a lively flex, and power distribution from your front foot to the fin area.

Length: 9'0"
Width: 22" 
Thickness: 3"

N.B This board is available to purchase online only. It will be shipped direct from our warehouse in its original packaging.