Surftech Gerry Lopez 7'0 Little Darlin Surfboard

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The Lopez "Little Darling" is an all round one board quiver This mid length is designed for easy wave catching with high performance potential. It will work well in anything from knee high to double overhead fast hollow waves. It will suit a variety of surfers from the older, less fit or slightly heavier shortboarder looking for an easier option that will still cut it in decent waves, to the progressing learner, past the minimal stage but not quite ready to commit to a high performance shortboard.

Single to double concave bottom shape. Five fin FCS 2 boxes ( fins not inc ) gives you the option of riding as a quad or thruster. Traditional Polyurethane core with polyester glass. Deck patch and beautiful gloss/polish finish

Length: 7'0
Width: 20.5"
Thickness: 2.75"
43.2 L

N.B This board is available to purchase online only. It will be shipped direct from our warehouse in its original packaging.