Vision Take Off


TakeOff Surfboard Range

For those looking to step up, the Vision TakeOff is the ultimate in soft board performance. Ramped-up cores give dramatically increased volume and stiffness for greater stability and paddle power in more challenging waves.


Length:  6’0”  7’0”  8’0”  Squash Tail

Construction: Heat laminated construction

Core: 100% waterproof XPS

Deck: 4mm IXPE

Rails: 4mm IXPE

Bottom: 0.7mm HDPE slick

Stringers: 6’ x 1  7’ & 8’ x 2  wooden stringers

Fins: Plastic 3 fin ‘Thruster’set

The enhanced IXPE deck undergoes an advanced crosslinking process which gives the TakeOff a tougher, more premium feel as well as enhancing shockabsorbing and UV-resistant properties. A thicker, more durable slick material and wooden stringers add even more strength and longevity.

The TakeOff’s deeper fins and refined rail shapes give great maneuverability for trimming and carving and offer a more confidence-inspiring feel in bigger waves. Available in 6 lengths, 3 colours and 2 tail shapes all with a new marble graphic slick.

Please call for details of stock and prices.